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If your WhatsApp messages have suddenly disappeared from your iPhone or iPad, or if you just erased them by mistake, now you can get them back thanks to WhatsApp Recovery.

With this app, you can sync your WhatsApp conversations, including any pictures, audio, or other multimedia files, to iTunes.

Another way you can retrieve your messages with WhatsApp Recovery is by scanning the device. You'll have to plug your device into a computer and, after a couple steps, all the messages you've lost will reappear on the screen.

When retrieving all your missing conversations, you will see them begin to appear on the right side of the screen. You will also be able to play back any recordings you have sent.

Forget about worrying over those software updates that erase all your messages by mistake: Whatsapp Recovery can restore all the WhatsApp chats on your device.

Trial version does not recover all chats.